Mandela Residential Fellowship 2023 | A Fully-funded Leadership Program in Turkey


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Are you ready to unlock your full leadership potential and embark on an incredible journey of personal growth and transformation? Well, look no further because the Mandela Residential Fellowship in Istanbul, Turkey is here to make your dreams come true!

This fellowship is not just your ordinary leadership program. It’s a life-changing experience that will immerse you in a dynamic and transformative environment. Get ready for inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops, and the opportunity to network with brilliant minds from around the globe. We’re talking about a week filled with empowerment, knowledge sharing, and unforgettable moments.

The Mandela Residential Fellowship: Inspired by a Visionary Leader

Let’s take a moment to pay homage to the great Nelson Mandela, a true champion of equality, justice, and social change. The Mandela Residential Fellowship draws inspiration from his vision and principles. It aims to empower emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds, giving them the tools, knowledge, and networks they need to create positive transformations in their own communities.

Eligibility for Mandela Residential Fellowship in Istanbul

Now that you’re all fired up about the Mandela Residential Fellowship, let’s talk about eligibility. We’re looking for young professionals and aspiring leaders from all corners of the globe who are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities. Whether you’re just starting your journey or have already made some waves, we want to hear from you.

To be eligible, you should be between the ages of 16 and 35. However, we understand that exceptional individuals exist beyond age limits, so we’re open to considering exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Don’t let a number hold you back from this incredible opportunity!

Application Process for Mandela Residential Fellowship in Istanbul

If you’re ready to take the first step towards becoming a future global leader, it’s time to apply for the fully funded opportunity at the Mandela Residential Fellowship. Mark September 1, 2023, on your calendar because that’s when the results will be announced. Don’t miss out on your chance to unlock your leadership potential and make a lasting impact on the world!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and get ready for a transformative experience at the Mandela Residential Fellowship in Istanbul, Turkey! Your leadership journey starts here.

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Fellowship Dates: October 14-20, 2023

Mark your calendars because this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss! The Mandela Residential Fellowship will run from October 14th to the 20th, 2023. During this week-long program, you’ll dive deep into a range of activities designed to hone your leadership skills, broaden your perspectives, and ignite your passion for creating positive change.

Two Categories, One Goal

At the Mandela Residential Fellowship, we believe in providing opportunities for everyone. That’s why we offer two categories for aspiring fellows like yourself:

Fully Funded Fellowship

Dreaming of attending the Mandela Residential Fellowship without worrying about the financial burden? Apply for a fully funded fellowship and give yourself a chance to make your dreams a reality. The Centre for Diplomatic Advancement has got you covered! If you’re selected as a fully funded fellow, all your program-related expenses will be taken care of. We’re talking about return airfare, accommodation, meals, transportation, and any additional costs associated with fellowship activities. It’s the ultimate stress-free experience!

Self-Funded Fellowship

Can’t wait to join us but prefer to cover your own expenses? No problem! We understand that sometimes you want to take charge and show your commitment by funding your own journey. As a self-funded attendee, you’ll still enjoy the same program-related benefits. You’ll receive accommodation, meals, intercity transportation, and any additional costs associated with the fellowship activities. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss, even if you’re financing it yourself.

What is the benefit of Mandela Washington Fellowship?

Here are some key benefits of the Mandela Washington Fellowship program:

Leadership development – The program provides leadership training, mentoring, and networking opportunities aimed at building the leadership capacity of young African leaders. Fellows participate in courses, workshops, site visits and other activities focused on strengthening skills like public speaking, strategic thinking, and community organizing.

Educational opportunities – Fellows complete a 6-week academic and leadership institute at a U.S. university. This gives them exposure to U.S. academic resources and connects them with U.S. faculty and peers. Some fellows also receive opportunities for hands-on work experience at U.S. organizations.

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Networking – The program allows fellows to network with each other, U.S. leaders and organizations, and other young African leaders. The goal is to build a community of Sub-Saharan leaders who can support each other’s development.

U.S. connections – By bringing fellows to the U.S., the program aims to foster stronger ties between Sub-Saharan Africa and the U.S. Fellows build relationships with Americans that can support partnerships on key issues facing Africa.

Long-term career development – When fellows return home, they have access to alumni programming, professional development opportunities, seed funding, and more. These resources aim to help them make a long-term impact in their communities and careers.

How much does it cost to join the Mandela Washington Fellowship?

However, here are some key details about the program and its costs:

  • The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) funded by the U.S. State Department. It brings young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa to the United States for a 6-week leadership institute.
  • The fellowship is fully sponsored by the U.S. government so there is no application fee for fellows. All costs related to the 6-week U.S. institute including travel, lodging, meals, and program materials are covered.
  • Fellows are responsible for obtaining their own visa to enter the U.S. Visa fees vary by country but are likely $160 USD or less. Some U.S. embassies may waive the visa fee for fellowship participants.
  • The fellowship covers roundtrip economy class airfare between fellows’ home countries and the U.S. institute site. Fellows must make their own arrangements to get to the departure airport.
  • After the U.S. institute, fellows receive professional development opportunities including seed funding, mentoring, and networking. The costs of these continuing benefits are covered by YALI.

How do I contact Mandela Washington Fellowship?

Here are a few ways to contact the Mandela Washington Fellowship program:

Email: You can email the fellowship program at This is the general inbox monitored by the YALI program team that oversees the Mandela Washington Fellowship.

Phone: The phone number for the YALI program team is 202-738-6400. This number is based in Washington D.C.

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Social Media: The fellowship has active social media pages you can message:

  •  Twitter: @YALINetwork
  •   Facebook: @YoungAfricanLeadersInitiative
  •   Instagram: @YALINetwork

Embassies: You can contact a U.S. Embassy in your country and ask to speak to the Public Affairs Officer or Cultural Affairs Officer who may know about the fellowship program.

Coordinating Partners: The fellowship works through U.S. Embassies and U.S.-based non-profit partner organizations in Africa to recruit and nominate candidates. Reaching out to existing partners could help.

Website Contact Form: On the fellowship website, there is a contact form you can fill out which will be directed to the program team.

Mail: You can write to the program staff at: U.S. Department of State, SA-5, 5th Floor, 2200 C St NW, Washington, DC 20522-0505

The best options are probably to email, phone, or message the program via social media. Embassy staff locally or coordinating partners in your country may also be able to assist or direct your inquiry.


The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative funded by the United States State Department. This prestigious fellowship selects young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa to participate in a 6-week leadership institute in the United States focused on building skills and networks.

The fellowship covers all costs related to the program including travel, accommodation, meals, and materials with no fees or costs incurred by accepted fellows. The only personal costs are visa application fees and transportation to departure airports. After the institute, fellows continue with professional development opportunities like seed funding and mentoring.

To learn more or contact the Mandela Washington Fellowship program, the best approach is to email, call 202-738-6400, or message via social media platforms. Additional points of contact are U.S. embassies in Africa, partner organizations, the website contact form, and direct mail.


In summary, the Mandela Washington Fellowship is a fully-funded opportunity for young African leaders to gain invaluable leadership training, skills, and networks in the United States. The program covers all costs for accepted fellows. Email, phone, and social media are the best ways to directly contact the fellowship program.

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