Borno Government Approves Special Scholarship for Nursing, Midwifery Students


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The Borno Government is taking significant steps to support indigent students pursuing nursing and midwifery by providing them with a special scholarship. Mallam Bala Isa, the Executive Secretary of the State Scholarship Board, made this uplifting announcement in Maiduguri on Friday.

Empowering Borno State Indigenes with Special Scholarship

In a commendable move, the Executive Governor of Borno State, Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, has initiated a special scholarship program dedicated to supporting Borno state indigenes interested in pursuing nursing and midwifery studies. This initiative aims to equip aspiring students with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the healthcare sector significantly.

Requirements for Prospective Candidates

To be eligible for this exclusive scholarship opportunity, prospective candidates must meet certain criteria. They must have obtained credits in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics from either WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB. These requirements are in place to ensure that the selected students possess a strong academic foundation to excel in their chosen fields.

How do you qualify for the Borno State Scholarship?

  • Scholarships offered by the Borno State government in Nigeria are typically meant to support students from Borno State who are pursuing higher education. They aim to make education more affordable and accessible.
  • Like most government scholarships, Borno State Scholarships are likely to have academic merit requirements. Students will need strong grades and exam scores to qualify.
  • There may be financial need requirements as well. Applicants may need to demonstrate that they cannot afford higher education without financial assistance.
  • Students pursuing degrees at Nigerian universities are likely the main recipients, though some scholarships may allow studies abroad.
  • Common fields of study covered are topics like education, engineering, sciences, agriculture, healthcare, etc. Fields are seen as important for Borno State’s development.
  • There is likely an application process that opens at certain times of the year. Students may need to submit transcripts, test scores, essays, recommendations, and financial aid information.
  • Selection is competitive. Meeting the minimum criteria doesn’t guarantee a scholarship. A committee likely reviews applications and selects recipients.
  • It’s advisable to check the Borno State government website or education department for the most up-to-date eligibility criteria and application details.
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How to fill Borno State Scholarship?

Here are some tips on how to apply for the Borno State Scholarship:

  • Check the Borno State government website, education ministry pages, and local newspapers regularly for scholarship announcements and application details. Application periods are usually advertised.
  • Once the application window opens, obtain the application form from the designated government office or download it online if available. Carefully review the application requirements.
  • Prepare all required documents like transcripts, test scores, statements of financial need, ID paperwork, letters of recommendation, etc. Make sure they are certified copies.
  • Write any required essays or statements. Put time into making them high-quality. Follow provided prompts and guidelines closely.
  • Fill out the application form completely and accurately. Double-check that all information provided is correct.
  • Submit the completed application along with all supporting documents by the stated deadline. Send to the address or office specified.
  • If required, attend any screening exercises, interviews, or examinations that are part of the selection process. Prepare thoroughly.
  • If contacted, provide any additional information requested by the scholarship committee in a timely manner.
  • Wait for official communication from the scholarship board regarding selection results and next steps.
  • If selected, follow provided instructions to confirm acceptance of the scholarship within the timeframe given.
  • Submit any other paperwork required to activate the scholarship funds.

With preparation, attention to detail, and persistence, you can submit a strong application for the competitive Borno State Scholarship program. Reach out for assistance if you have any questions.

Benefits of the Borno State Scholarship Program

Here are some of the key benefits that come with being awarded the Borno State Scholarship:

Financial support – The scholarship provides funding to cover all or part of expenses related to higher education. This includes tuition fees, books, supplies, housing, etc. Financial aid makes universities more affordable.

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Opportunity to pursue academic goals – The scholarship enables gifted students to enrol in degree programs of their choice at approved institutions. Students can pursue their interests.

Recognition of merit – Being awarded the scholarship is an achievement that recognizes a student’s academic excellence and potential.

Professional development – Scholarship recipients can gain skills to succeed in future careers and contribute to Borno State’s growth.

Networking – As a scholarship recipient, students join a network of other high-achieving scholars.

Campus support – Borno State scholars may have access to mentoring, counselling services, and other assistance at their universities.

Pride – Receiving the state scholarship boosts students’ confidence and makes their families and communities proud.

Service requirement – Scholarship terms may mandate a period of service in Borno State after graduation. This allows scholars to give back.

Overall, the Borno State Scholarship provides both financial and non-monetary benefits to gifted young students as they pursue higher education. It opens doors to new opportunities for their future.

Submission of Credentials

All interested candidates are encouraged to seize this opportunity by submitting their academic credentials to the Scholarship Board before the deadline of August 2nd. By adhering to the submission deadline, candidates can ensure that their applications receive timely consideration.

Boosting Healthcare Sector with Additional Schools

The initiative to offer special scholarships comes as part of a broader plan by Governor Zulum to enhance the healthcare sector in the state. During his second-term inauguration speech, he announced his commitment to building two additional schools of nursing and midwifery. This strategic move aims to address the demand for healthcare professionals in the region and improve healthcare services.

Challenges Faced by Nursing and Midwifery Students

Financial Constraints

One of the primary challenges faced by students pursuing nursing and midwifery education is the financial burden associated with tuition fees, books, and other academic expenses. Many talented individuals with a passion for healthcare are unable to pursue their dreams due to financial limitations.

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Academic Demands

Nursing and midwifery education requires dedication, hard work, and commitment. The rigorous academic curriculum and demanding clinical training can sometimes be overwhelming for students.

Lack of Resources

Limited access to study materials, modern healthcare facilities, and hands-on training opportunities can hinder the learning experience for nursing and midwifery students.

The Impact of the Special Scholarship Program

Empowering Future Healthcare Professionals

By providing financial support to aspiring nurses and midwives, the scholarship program empowers them to focus on their studies and pursue their career goals without the burden of financial stress. This empowerment will foster a new generation of healthcare professionals dedicated to serving their communities with excellence.

Addressing the Healthcare Workforce Shortage

The special scholarship program contributes to addressing the shortage of qualified nurses and midwives in Borno State. By attracting and retaining talented students in the nursing and midwifery fields, the program strengthens the healthcare workforce and improves the overall quality of healthcare services.

Fostering Academic Excellence

The special scholarship program not only supports financially challenged students but also encourages academic excellence. By setting specific academic requirements, such as credits in essential subjects like English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, the government ensures that only deserving candidates who possess a strong academic background will be selected. This will ultimately lead to a higher standard of education and produce well-qualified healthcare professionals.


The Borno Government’s decision to provide special scholarships for nursing and midwifery students showcases its dedication to empowering its citizens and bolstering the healthcare sector. With this timely support, aspiring students can pursue their academic dreams, and the state will gain a skilled workforce to cater to the healthcare needs of its people. As the deadline approaches, interested candidates should prepare and submit their credentials to seize this incredible opportunity for a brighter and more promising future.

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