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Are you an ambitious student with dreams of pursuing a master’s degree in the UK? Well, here’s some exciting news for you! The prestigious Chevening Scholarships for International Students at King’s College London are now open for applications. This fully-funded opportunity is your ticket to an enriching academic experience in one of the world’s most renowned institutions.

Who is eligible for the Chevening Scholarship?

Here are the basic eligibility requirements to apply for a Chevening Scholarship:

  • Citizenship – You must be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country. There are over 160 eligible countries across the world.
  • Education – You must have an undergraduate degree that will enable you to gain entry into a postgraduate program at a UK university.
  • Work experience – You need a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience. Relevant means anything that will help you in your future career goals.
  • English language – You must meet the required standard of English, such as an IELTS score of 6.5 or above.
  • Return to your home country – You must intend to return to your home country after your studies in the UK for a minimum period of two years.
  • References – You need two professional references who can vouch for your abilities and qualifications.
  • Endorsement – Applications must be endorsed by the relevant government body in your country.
  • Age limit – There is no strict age limit, but applicants are usually between 22-50 years old.
  • Previous study in the UK – You can have studied in the UK previously, but not under a Chevening Scholarship.
  • Application – You must apply during the annual application window and complete all required documents.

How do I get a Chevening Scholarship?

Here are some tips for getting a Chevening Scholarship:

  • Check your eligibility. Chevening Scholarships are awarded to individuals from over 160 countries who want to study for a one-year master’s degree in the UK. You’ll need to meet criteria like having an undergraduate degree, relevant work experience, and endorsement from your home country.
  • Find a suitable course. Look for master’s degree programs at UK universities that align with your academic and career goals. Chevening provides funding for almost any subject.
  • Get your documents ready. You’ll need things like transcripts, resume/CV, references, proof of English proficiency, etc. Make sure they follow Chevening’s exact requirements.
  • Write a strong application. The application form has several essays where you’ll explain your motivations, leadership skills, and potential impact. Show how you meet Chevening’s selection criteria.
  • Ask for recommendation letters. You’ll need two references who can speak to your abilities and qualifications. Give them plenty of time and information to write supportive letters.
  • Apply online by the deadline. Applications are due in early November each year for courses starting the following September. Meet the strict deadline.
  • Attend an interview. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. Use it to further demonstrate why you should receive the scholarship.
  • Accept the offer. If selected, you must accept Chevening’s Terms and Conditions to receive the award.
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How to Apply for Chevening Scholarships

Applying for the Chevening Scholarships for International Students is a straightforward process. All applications are made directly to Chevening, and for complete details and to apply, simply visit the official Chevening website. Take the time to carefully read the application guidelines and ensure you provide all the necessary documentation.

Do I need to get admission before applying for Chevening Scholarship?

  • You do not need unconditional university admission before applying for Chevening. You can apply for Chevening first, and then apply for university admission later if you are nominated.
  • However, you do need to have an unconditional offer of admission to a UK university before the Chevening Scholarship can be activated.
  • The Chevening application requires you to list your preferred universities and courses. You should research programs and shortlist universities you would want to attend if awarded the scholarship.
  • If you are nominated for Chevening, you’ll need to quickly apply for admission to your shortlisted universities. The deadline for having an unconditional offer in order to activate the scholarship is typically in July/August.
  • Some universities may make conditional offers before Chevening results are announced. This is fine, but you’ll still need an unconditional offer dated after the Chevening nomination to activate the scholarship.

What documents do I need for the Chevening Interview?

Here are the key documents you typically need to bring to a Chevening scholarship interview:

  • Passport – You’ll need to provide your passport as proof of identity. Make sure it’s valid and not expiring soon.
  • Academic transcripts and certificates – Bring certified copies of your bachelor’s and master’s degree certificates and transcripts, if applicable.
  • Resume/CV – Bring updated copies of your professional resume or CV.
  • Reference letters – Have printed copies of the reference letters submitted with your Chevening application.
  • Chevening application – Print a copy of your complete Chevening application form.
  • University offer letters – Bring any unconditional admission offer letters from UK universities if you have them already.
  • Employment letters – Bring any letters from current and previous employers confirming your work experience.
  • Financial support proof – Documents proving you can fund any additional costs not covered by Chevening.
  • ID photos – Carry 2-4 passport-size photographs for any additional paperwork.
  • Interview invitation letter – Bring your Chevening interview invitation letter.
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Can I stay in the UK after Chevening?

Here are some key points about staying in the UK after completing a Chevening scholarship:

  • Chevening requires scholars to return to their home country for a minimum of two years after finishing their studies in the UK. This is a mandatory condition.
  • During your studies, you can work in the UK for up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during holidays. But this work must be aligned with your Chevening program.
  • After completing your Chevening scholarship, you have 60 days to return home before your UK visa expires. You cannot switch from a Student visa to a work visa within the UK.
  • Once you return home, you have to remain in your home country for at least two years as part of the Chevening bonding requirement. This is monitored and reported on regularly.
  • After fulfilling the two years in your home country, Chevening scholars can legally return and work in the UK by applying for and obtaining a work visa. The regular rules and requirements for UK work visas would apply.
  • In some cases with strong justification, you can request to stay in the UK after Chevening or delay your bonding period. But this is only granted in exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

How many people are shortlisted for the Chevening Interview?

The number of applicants shortlisted for interviews varies for the Chevening Scholarships each year depending on the applicant pools. Here are some key points:

  • For the main Chevening Scholarships, typically around 2-3% of the total applicants are shortlisted for interviews.
  • For example, in 2021 there were over 63,000 applicants globally. Out of these, approximately 1,500 applicants were shortlisted for interviews.
  • The exact number shortlisted depends on the quality of applications and how many meet the eligibility criteria and required standards that year.
  • Apart from the main Chevening Scholarships, there are also several other specialized Chevening awards like the Oxford and Cambridge scholarships. The shortlist rate is similar or slightly lower for these.
  • The shortlisted applicants are selected based on strong academic background, work experience, commitment to the scholarship aims, and leadership potential.
  • The interviews further assess applicants’ suitability for Chevening based on interests, goals, achievements, and aptitude.
  • Only around 1/3rd to 1/4th of those interviewed eventually get selected as Chevening scholars.
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Important Dates and Deadlines for Chevening Scholarships

The selection process for Chevening Scholars takes approximately eight months from the application deadline to the conditional offer stage. So, mark your calendars! The application deadline for the 2023 cycle is November 01, 2023. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to shape your future and make a lasting impact.

Final Thoughts on  Chevening Scholarships King’s College London

The Chevening Scholarships for International Students at King’s College London offer a gateway to excellence and an extraordinary academic journey. This fully-funded opportunity will allow you to realize your potential, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain the skills and knowledge to make a positive change in the world.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this remarkable adventure, don’t hesitate to apply. Remember, the world is waiting for your unique talents and ideas. Visit the official Chevening website today and take the first step towards a brighter future. Good luck!


The Chevening Scholarships for International Students at King’s College London are an unparalleled opportunity for driven individuals seeking to pursue a master’s degree in the UK. This fully-funded program opens doors to academic excellence, personal growth, and professional development.

By becoming a Chevening Scholar, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of London, study at a world-renowned institution, and build lasting connections with fellow scholars and professionals from around the globe. The experience will not only enhance your academic knowledge but also equip you with the skills, networks, and confidence to become a future leader and create a better world.

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