The Best Scholarships Tips for International Students at the University of Missouri


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Studying abroad is an exciting adventure, but funding your education can be challenging. Scholarships play a pivotal role in making education accessible for international students at the University of Missouri. This article aims to provide valuable insights and actionable steps to help you secure scholarships and turn your academic dreams into reality

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship Sponsor(s): University of Missouri, USA
  • Scholarship Type: Tuition Award Scholarship
  • Host Institution(s): University of Missouri, USA
  • Scholarship Worth: Varies
  • Number of Awards: Several
  • Study Level: Undergraduate and Masters
  • Nationality: International Students

Does the University of Missouri offer full scholarships for international students?

  • Mizzou does offer some scholarships for international students, but full scholarships covering tuition, housing, etc. are rare at most US universities.
  • Mizzou has an International Center that can provide information and resources to international students on financing their education. They have a page on scholarships that lists some options like the Missouri Cherokee Scholarship and the International Student Scholarship.
  • The majority of Mizzou’s scholarships are merit-based and competitive. International students would apply and be considered with the general pool of applicants.
  • There are also some need-based scholarships and grants that international students can qualify for by completing the required financial aid forms.
  • Outside of university-provided aid, international students may look for external scholarships and grants from their home country, global organizations, private foundations, etc.
  • Getting a full-ride scholarship as an international student is not impossible but typically requires outstanding academic/extracurricular achievements. Most international students piece together multiple partial scholarships, grants, family support, etc.

How to get a scholarship at the University of Missouri?

Here are some tips for international students to get scholarships at the University of Missouri:

  • Fill out the FAFSA or CSS Profile by the priority deadline even if you are an international student. This makes you eligible for need-based financial aid.
  • Apply for university merit-based scholarships. Mizzou has scholarships for academics, arts, leadership etc. The deadlines are usually in November/December before starting.
  • Look for scholarships from external organizations like EducationUSA, IIE, foundations, government programs, etc. They offer scholarships for students from certain countries or regions.
  • Check with your home country’s education department or US embassy for scholarships they sponsor for studying abroad.
  • Compete in essay contests related to your field of study or background. There are numerous niche scholarship contests.
  • If you are a graduate student, apply for assistantships or fellowships in your department. These often cover tuition and provide a stipend.
  • Submit strong academic transcripts, test scores, and extracurricular involvement when applying to Mizzou. Scholarships consider your overall profile.
  • Write strong scholarship essays to stand out. Follow prompts carefully and highlight your accomplishments.
  • Apply early and contact the admissions office if you have any questions about getting scholarships as an international student.
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Eligibility Criteria

Here are some key eligibility criteria international students should meet to qualify for scholarships at the University of Missouri:

  • Be admitted as a full-time degree-seeking student at Mizzou. Most scholarships require you to be enrolled at the university.
  • Have a valid F-1 or J-1 student visa. Scholarships typically require you to be legally eligible to study in the US.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress according to Mizzou’s policies. This usually means meeting a minimum GPA requirement.
  • Have completed and submitted all required financial aid application forms if applying for need-based aid.
  • Meet any specific eligibility criteria for the particular scholarship such as place of origin, field of study, leadership record, etc.
  • Submit test scores required for admission at Mizzou (TOEFL/IELTS/SAT/ACT). High test scores increase the chances for merit-based aid.
  • Have any outstanding recommendation letters, transcripts, essays, or other components required by the scholarship application.
  • Meet deadlines for university, departmental, and external scholarship applications.
  • In most cases, scholarships are awarded to full-time students pursuing their first undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • Make sure to renew FAFSA/scholarship applications each year to continue receiving funding throughout your degree.

How to Apply for University of Missouri Scholarships

Applying for scholarships at the University of Missouri involves a series of steps. It is crucial to follow the application guidelines provided by the university to ensure a successful submission. Here is a general overview of the application process:

  • Research the available scholarships and determine which ones align with your academic goals and qualifications.
  • Gather all required documents, including academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, and any additional materials specified by the scholarship program.
  • Complete the online application form, providing accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Craft a compelling personal statement highlighting your achievements, aspirations, and reasons for choosing the University of Missouri.
  • Submit your application before the specified deadline, ensuring that all required documents are included.
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Benefits of the University of Missouri

Here are some of the key benefits international students can receive through scholarships at the University of Missouri:

  • Financial assistance to cover tuition fees, either partially or fully. This is the main benefit, of making university education more affordable.
  • Coverage of room and board costs through scholarships, grants, etc. This helps reduce living costs.
  • Funding for books, supplies, and other educational expenses besides tuition.
  • Scholarships that provide a monthly stipend for general expenses. This provides extra financial support.
  • Priority consideration for on-campus part-time jobs for work-study programs.
  • Increased chances of receiving graduate assistantships for master’s or PhD students.
  • Invitation to scholar programs that provide mentorship, special events/workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • The prestige of being a “scholar” which looks good for future academic and job applications.
  • Reduced stress and worry related to finances and being able to focus on academics.
  • Opportunity to graduate with less or no student loan debt.
  • Gaining experience writing scholarship essays, interviewing, etc. which are helpful skills.

Scholarships for International Students at the University of Missouri

At the University of Missouri, international students have access to a range of scholarships designed to support their academic journey. These scholarships are specifically tailored to recognize and reward outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities, and contributions to the community. Below, we highlight some of the notable scholarships available:

1. Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding International Students

The Chancellor’s Award is a highly prestigious scholarship offered to exceptional international students who have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, leadership skills, and a commitment to making a positive impact on society. This scholarship provides financial support that covers tuition fees, living expenses, and additional educational resources, allowing recipients to focus on their studies and personal growth.

2.  International Merit Scholarship

The International Merit Scholarship is a merit-based award available to outstanding international students. This scholarship recognizes exceptional academic achievements and provides financial assistance to help offset tuition costs. It serves as a testament to the University of Missouri’s commitment to attracting and supporting the best and brightest minds from around the world.

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3. Diversity Enhancement Scholarship

The Diversity Enhancement Scholarship is aimed at promoting diversity and inclusivity within the University of Missouri community. This scholarship celebrates and supports students from underrepresented backgrounds, empowering them to pursue their academic goals. Through financial assistance, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities, this scholarship fosters an environment that embraces multiculturalism and provides a platform for students to excel.

4. Global Heritage Scholarship

The Global Heritage Scholarship is a unique opportunity for international students who embody their cultural heritage while demonstrating academic excellence. This scholarship recognizes the importance of diversity and cultural exchange within the academic community and provides financial support to those who embrace their heritage and contribute to the cultural fabric of the University of Missouri.

 Scholarship Renewal and Continued Support

It is important to note that some scholarships at the University of Missouri require recipients to maintain certain academic standards to retain their funding. Scholars are encouraged to stay committed to their studies, engage in campus activities, and take advantage of the various resources available to them. The university provides ongoing support and mentorship to scholarship recipients, creating an environment conducive to academic and personal growth.


Embarking on a journey of higher education at the University of Missouri can be both exciting and fulfilling. With a wide array of scholarships available to international students, the financial burden should not hinder your dreams of obtaining a world-class education. Whether it’s the Chancellor’s Award, the International Merit Scholarship, the Diversity Enhancement Scholarship, or the Global Heritage Scholarship, each opportunity at the University of Missouri is designed to nurture talent and empower individuals from all corners of the globe.

So, what are you waiting for? Seize this opportunity, apply for a University of Missouri scholarship, and embark on an extraordinary educational adventure that will shape your future and open doors to a world of opportunities.

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