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Are you a passionate and driven student looking to pursue a Ph.D.? Well, you’re in luck! The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is now accepting applications for its prestigious Ph.D. Scholarships are available to students from all nationalities. This is an incredible opportunity to study at one of the leading institutions in the UAE and receive full financial support throughout your graduate studies.

How can I get a Ph.D. scholarship in UAE?

Here are some tips for getting a Ph.D. scholarship in the UAE:

  • Look for scholarships offered by UAE universities. Many universities like Khalifa University, American University of Sharjah, etc. offer scholarships and assistantships for PhD students. Check their websites and contact the admissions office.
  • Apply for scholarships from the UAE government. The Ministry of Education offers Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Scholarship for PhD students. There are also scholarships specifically for women.
  • Look for funding from organizations like the Al Maktoum Foundation, Emirates Foundation, and Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. They offer scholarships for higher education including PhD programs.
  • Check with any UAE company or organization you have worked for. Some provide scholarships for the further education of their employees.
  • Look for scholarships funded by your home country’s government or organizations. Many students get funding from bodies like the Fulbright Program.
  • Attend education fairs and events in the UAE to learn about various scholarship opportunities. Many embassies and consulates also provide information.
  • Ensure you have a good academic record from your Master’s studies. This will strengthen your scholarship application.
  • Apply to universities and explore if you can get a research/teaching assistant position. This can help fund your Ph.D.
  • Consider getting a part-time job initially to fund some of your tuition fees. You can apply for scholarships once you start the program.

Do Ph.D. Students get paid in UAE?

Yes, PhD students in the UAE typically receive some form of financial support or salary:

  • Scholarships: Many UAE universities provide full scholarships to exceptional PhD candidates which cover tuition fees and provide a monthly stipend for living expenses. The stipend amount can range from 10,000 AED to 25,000 AED per month depending on the university and scholarship.
  • Research/Teaching Assistantships: PhD students are often hired as research or teaching assistants by their university departments. This comes with a monthly salary, usually in the range of 8,000 AED to 15,000 AED per month.
  • Government Funding: Outstanding students can obtain generous scholarships from government bodies like the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi. These provide high stipends of up to 25,000 AED/month.
  • Company Sponsorships: Some PhD students receive salary, benefits and allowances from their employer while they study, especially if the PhD is related to their field.
  • Part-Time Work: Many PhD students take up part-time work on campus such as tutoring, research, teaching assistant roles to earn extra income.
  • Grants and Awards: Students can apply for research grants, academic excellence awards and endowments from university, government and private organizations.
  • Self-Funding: Wealthy students may choose to self-fund their PhD as well, relying on personal savings and family support.
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What is the average Salary of a PhD Holder in UAE?

  • Field of specialization plays a big role in determining PhD salaries in the UAE. For example, PhDs in engineering, technology, and natural sciences tend to earn higher salaries.
  • According to PayScale data, the average base salary for PhD holders across all fields in the UAE is approximately AED 240,000 per year. This ranges from AED 150,000 to AED 300,000.
  • PhD holders employed in the education sector earn an average of AED 190,000 annually, as per PayScale. Those in the research field earn around AED 215,000 per year on average.
  • Salaries are higher in private sector companies and multinational corporations compared to government or semi-government entities. For example, PhDs in oil and gas or financial services can earn well over AED 300,000 per annum.
  • Academic jobs for PhDs such as university professor positions have average earnings of AED 240,000 – 280,000 annually based on seniority and university.
  • In addition to base pay, benefits like housing allowance, travel allowance, health insurance, annual bonuses, etc. can add significantly to the overall compensation package.
  • Salaries also depend on individual qualifications, university reputation, work experience and responsibility level of the role.
  • The job market is quite competitive for PhD holders in the UAE. Having publications, patents and networking helps secure higher salaries.

AED 200,000 to AED 300,000 can be considered an average PhD salary range in the UAE, with top-tier roles exceeding AED 350,000 per annum.

Benefits of United Arab Emirates University Ph.D. Scholarship

As a recipient of the United Arab Emirates University Ph.D. Scholarship, you can expect a range of exceptional benefits to support your academic journey. These include:

  • Full tuition waiver: Say goodbye to the burden of tuition fees! The scholarship covers all your academic expenses, allowing you to focus entirely on your studies.
  • Monthly stipend: Financial worries will be a thing of the past, as the scholarships provide you with a monthly stipend. This ensures that you can meet your daily expenses and concentrate on your research and coursework.
  • Health insurance coverage: Your well-being is of utmost importance. The scholarship includes health insurance coverage to ensure that you have access to quality healthcare when needed.
  • Extra Bonus: On top of the aforementioned benefits, you may also be eligible for an additional bonus. Depending on your supervisor’s research project, you could receive up to AED 3,000 from an external project or up to AED 2,000 from an internal project.

Who Can Apply for United Arab Emirates University Ph.D? Scholarship

To be considered for the United Arab Emirates University Ph.D. For scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Academic excellence: Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0 in their Master’s degree. This criterion ensures that the scholarship is awarded to deserving and accomplished students.
  • Financial sponsorship: Applicants should not have any existing employment or financial sponsorship that covers their educational expenses. The scholarship aims to support those who lack the means to pursue their Ph.D. studies independently.
  • Full-time commitment: Successful candidates must be available to study full-time at UAEU. This commitment allows students to immerse themselves fully in their courses and research projects.
  • Dedication: A minimum of 40 hours per week should be devoted to coursework and/or research projects throughout the year. This requirement reflects the importance of dedication and perseverance in pursuing academic excellence.
  • Alignment with priority sectors: The dissertation topic should fall within one of the UAE’s priority sectors, namely Renewable Energy, Transportation, Health, Water, Technology, or Space. By focusing on these critical areas, the UAEU aims to address key challenges and contribute to societal progress.
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How to Apply for United Arab Emirates University Ph.D. Scholarship

Enrolling for the United Arab Emirates University Ph.D. Scholarship is a straightforward process. Interested and eligible candidates can apply online through the designated application portal. Ensure that you carefully follow the instructions and submit all the necessary documents, including copies of your academic credentials, at the time of application.

The Ministry of Education in Abu Dhabi, UAE must certify the degrees of applicants who have graduated from institutions that are not accredited. For detailed procedures and further information, please visit the provided link.

Here are some key steps to apply for Ph.D. scholarships in the UAE:

  • Research universities and programs: Look for PhD programs that align with your interests and research goals. Shortlist universities like UAE University, Khalifa University, American University of Sharjah, etc.
  • Check eligibility criteria: Carefully review the eligibility and admission requirements for the programs and scholarships. This includes things like academic qualifications, test scores, proposals, etc.
  • Prepare documents: Start collating all the required documents like transcripts, letters of recommendation, CV/resume, English proficiency scores, research proposal, etc. Get the necessary certificates attested.
  • Take admission tests: Register for and take any required PhD admissions tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. Ensure you receive good scores.
  • Apply to universities: Submit a complete application to your shortlisted universities before the deadline. Pay close attention to the application instructions.
  • Apply for scholarships: separately submit scholarship applications with supporting documents, essays, proposals, etc. Follow all guidelines closely.
  • Interview: Attend university and scholarship interviews if called for. Prepare well to make a strong case for your candidature.
  • Accept offer: Choose and accept the best university admission and funding offer you receive. Confirm enrollment by making any required deposits.
  • Finalize visa: Work with the university to get your student residence visa issued before the semester starts.
  • Plan your move: Make arrangements for accommodation, finances, health insurance etc. before moving to the UAE.
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Deadline for Application

While the specific deadline for application submission is not specified, it is crucial to act promptly. Submit your application as soon as possible to maximize your chances of being considered because of the high level of competition and limited availability of scholarships.

What is the Visa for PhD Holder in UAE?

Here are the typical visa options available for PhD holders in the UAE:

  • Student Visa – This allows a PhD candidate to reside in the UAE for the duration of their studies. It is sponsored by the university and valid for 1-3 years based on the PhD program duration. Renewable annually.
  • Employment Visa – Once the PhD is completed, graduates can obtain an employment visa sponsored by their employer in the UAE. Typically valid for 2-3 years at a time. Most common for PhD holders working in the private sector.
  • Golden Visa – PhD graduates earning over AED 50,000 per month may be eligible for the 10 year golden visa. Granted based on level of skill, education, professional experience. Allows living and working without company sponsorship.
  • Investor Visa – PhD holders with substantial business experience can obtain an investor visa by investing AED 10 million or more into the UAE economy. Valid for 3 years.
  • Entrepreneur Visa – For PhD graduates wanting to launch a startup or new business in the UAE. Valid for 3 years with possibility of renewal.
  • Freelance Visa – New freelance visa allows PhD holders to work independently or with multiple clients in the UAE. 1-3 year validity that can be renewed.
  • Researcher Visa – For PhDs taking up research positions at UAE universities or research centers. Typically sponsored by the institution and valid for 2-3 years.
  • Spouse Visa – Once the PhD holder has a valid residence visa, they can sponsor visas for their spouse and children.

The most suitable visa pathway depends on whether the PhD graduate intends to study, work, conduct research or start a business in the UAE.


The United Arab Emirates University Ph.D. Scholarships offer an incredible opportunity for students from all nationalities to pursue their doctoral studies in an esteemed institution. By providing financial support, the scholarship empowers talented individuals to dedicate themselves fully to their research and contribute to their chosen fields. If you are ready to embark on a transformative academic journey and become part of a vibrant scholarly community, don’t miss this opportunity. Apply for the United Arab Emirates University Ph.D. Scholarship today and take the first step towards a promising future filled with academic achievements and personal growth. for more information visit their official  website

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