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JPMorgan Technology Summer Internship for students and recent graduates interested in gaining hands-on experience at one of the world’s leading financial services firms. As one of the largest banks in the United States, JPMorgan invests heavily in emerging technologies and offers interns the opportunity to work on impactful projects across various teams. In this post, we provide an overview of JPMorgan technology internships, including details on eligibility, application process, roles and responsibilities, and benefits.

JPMorgan provides investment banking, asset management, private banking, treasury services, and brokerage offerings to a diverse clientele including corporations, governments, hedge funds, money market mutual funds, and wealthy individuals. The bank has a presence in over 100 markets worldwide and retains 210,000 employees on its payroll.

Technology Internship Programs Offered by JPMorgan Chase:

  • Software Engineering Internship: This program is for students interested in building innovative software solutions. Interns get hands-on experience working on systems like trading platforms, mobile apps, big data analytics, and machine learning.
  • Application Development Internship: Interns in this program work on application development for JPMorgan’s corporate systems and internal business tools. This involves coding, testing, and deploying applications.
  • Cybersecurity Engineering Internship: This internship focuses on cybersecurity threats facing the finance industry. Interns get experience with ethical hacking, threat modeling, vulnerability assessments, and other security measures.
  • Data Science and Machine Learning Internship: For students interested in data analytics and AI. Interns work on predictive models, sentiment analysis, optimization algorithms, and other data science applications.
  • Quant Trading Internship: This is for students interested in quantitative analysis and financial modeling. Interns develop complex trading models and algorithms for derivatives, equities, FX, and more.
  • Blockchain and Digital Assets Internship: Interns get hands-on with distributed ledger technology and digital currencies. They work on blockchain systems, wallets, exchanges, DeFi protocols, and related innovations.

The programs provide mentoring, training in the latest tech skills, and networking opportunities. Interns get competitive pay and may receive return full-time job offers. The positions are for undergrad or graduate students pursuing tech, engineering, math, science, and business degrees.

Eligibility Requirements for this Internship

  • Eligibility requirements for the Insider’s Guide to Landing a JPMorgan Chase Technology Summer Internship are as follows:
  • You must be a student pursuing a degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) field or related discipline.
  • You must be in your penultimate year of study.
    You must have a strong interest in technology and work for JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • You must have good communication skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
  • You must have some technical skills, such as coding languages, GitHub/So tack overflow profiles, or previous internships.
  • If you meet these criteria, you can apply for the Software Engineer Internship program on the JPMorgan Chase & Co. careers websites. You will need to submit your resume and answer some questions about your motivation and experience.

You may also need to complete some online assessments and interviews as part of the selection process.

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JPMorgan Technology Internship Application Process:

Competition for JPMorgan’s technology internships spans well beyond tech hubs like Silicon Valley and New York City. Thousands of eager candidates from all backgrounds apply each year from colleges worldwide. Here is an overview of the rigorous application process:

  • Search and apply online: JPMorgan internship openings are posted on the firm’s careers site. Candidates can search by location and team. Create a profile and submit an online application for the desired role.
  • Initial application screening: Recruiters review all applications and resumes. Top candidates are identified based on academic performance, relevant coursework/skills, and quality of previous experience.
  • Online coding assessment: Shortlisted applicants are invited to complete an online coding test relevant to the role. This further evaluates problem-solving abilities.
  • Video interview: Candidates who pass the coding assessment will be asked to complete one or more video interviews through HireVue. This prerecorded Q&A allows recruiters to efficiently screen for communication skills.
  • Superday: The most qualified candidates are invited to JPMorgan offices for a full day of interviews with managers and executives. Be prepared to discuss technology knowledge and answer technical questions.
  • Offer process: Following Superdays, internship offers are extended to successful candidates. Be ready to act quickly if you receive an offer to secure your spot.

For the best chance of moving forward in the process, treat every stage as if it’s the real deal. Come prepared, research the role and JPMorgan’s businesses, and practice your interviewing skills.

Do you get paid for JP Morgan internship?

Yes, JP Morgan does pay their interns. Here are some key details on JP Morgan internship pay:

  • All JP Morgan interns receive compensation, including undergraduate, graduate, and MBA internships across all divisions.
  • Pay rates vary based on the specific internship program and location. But in general, JP Morgan intern pay tends to be very competitive.
  • For example, reports indicate that investment banking interns at JP Morgan in New York earn approximately $10,000 per month. This equals $30,000 total for a standard 10-week summer program.
  • Technology interns earn similarly competitive salaries, with an average monthly pay of $7,000-$8,000 based on role and experience level.
  • Interns in quantitative roles like trading or research can make upwards of $10,000 per month.
  • Bonuses are also common. Some interns receive end-of-summer bonuses of $3,000 or more on top of their base pay.
  • Additional perks include corporate housing, group events, and relocation assistance.

All JP Morgan interns are paid as part of a comprehensive compensation package designed to attract top talent. The pay is in line with JP Morgan’s status as a premier global bank.

How much do JP Morgan tech interns make?

  • Tech interns at large investment banks like JP Morgan are typically paid quite well. The exact salary can vary based on factors like location, specific role, year of study, etc.
  • For software engineering interns specifically, salaries at JP Morgan tend to range from around $6,000-$8,000 per month. This would work out to $36,000-$48,000 for a standard 3-month summer internship.
  • Interns in quantitative roles like trading or quantitative research may earn a bit more, with salaries ranging from $8,000-$10,000 per month ($48,000-$60,000 for the summer).
  • Bonuses are also common and can add an extra $5,000 or more to total compensation.
  • Salaries are generally highest for Master’s students or PhD students, versus undergraduates.
  • Over the past few years, banks have been increasing tech intern salaries to stay competitive with tech companies. So current JP Morgan intern salaries are likely at the higher end of these ranges.

JP Morgan typically expects strong academic performance and GPAs from its internship and full-time candidates. However, there is no firm GPA cutoff, and they evaluate applications holistically. Here are some guidelines on GPA requirements:

  • For investment banking roles, the average GPA for accepted interns is around 3.5. A 3.5+ GPA is considered competitive for these highly sought-after roles.
  • For internships in other divisions like asset management, research, and tech, the average GPA is around 3.3-3.5. Students with GPAs between 3.0-3.5 can be viable candidates.
  • Overall, JP Morgan tends to screen for students with an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher to advance applications for further review.
  • A 3.7+ GPA can help offset other weaknesses in your resume or lack of relevant experience.
  • While GPA screening thresholds exist, strong experience, networking, leadership skills and other factors are also taken into consideration.
  • The bank emphasizes candidates with an upward GPA trend over time, even if their overall GPA is lower.
  • Students from highly prestigious schools may have more leeway on GPA requirements.

So, a 3.5+ GPA is ideal for JP Morgan internships to be a competitive applicant, but students with GPAs of 3.2 or higher still have chances, especially with other strong credentials. Maintaining the best grades possible improves your likelihood of securing a role.

What are the chances of getting a JP Morgan internship?

Getting an internship at JP Morgan is quite competitive, but definitely achievable if you are a strong applicant. Here are a few details on chances and acceptance rates:

  • For investment banking internships, the acceptance rate is estimated to be around 1-3%. So quite low, but comparable to other top-tier banks.
  • For technology internships, the acceptance rate is higher, estimated at around 6-8% at times.
  • Acceptance rates can fluctuate year to year based on the applicant pool and the number of openings.

Some tips that can increase your chances:

  • Maintain a strong GPA – JP Morgan tends to screen for students with 3.5+ GPAs.
  • Attend a target school where JP Morgan actively recruits. Top schools include Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, NYU, and Michigan among others.
  • Show interest and apply early. JD Morgan emphasizes interested candidates who apply in the first application rounds.
  • Have relevant experience such as finance internships or coding projects for tech roles.
  • Ace the interviews by preparing thoroughly for technical and fit questions.
  • Develop relationships with current JP Morgan employees for referral opportunities.
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With strong credentials, preparation, and a top application, many motivated students can land coveted JP Morgan internships each year despite the competitive odds. Persistence and continually improving as a candidate are key.

Ideal Candidates for JPMorgan Technology Summer Internship:

  • JPMorgan seeks motivated students with strong technical capabilities, business acumen, and communication skills for its highly competitive technology internship program. Ideal candidates exhibit the following:
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, or a similar technology-focused program.
  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages like Java, Python, and C++ relevant to the team or role.
  • Leadership experience such as managing a team project, teaching a technical skill, founding a student organization, or spearheading a campus initiative.
  • Demonstrated interest in the financial services industry and working at a large global enterprise like JPMorgan.
  • Strong written and verbal communication abilities. Able to collaboratively work with cross-functional product groups.
  • Problem-solving skills, resilience, and aptitude to learn quickly in a challenging environment.
  • Passionate about technology and developing innovative solutions to business problems. The entrepreneurial spirit is a plus.
  • Eligible to work in the country where the internship is located. Most programs require students to actively pursue a degree.
  • While not required, coursework or experience with financial analytics, machine learning models, big data tools, and user-centered design can further boost candidate appeal.

Benefits of JPMorgan Technology Summer Internship

JPMorgan’s technology internships offer numerous professional and personal advantages:

  • Gain relevant experience in a fast-paced financial technology environment: Work on real-world projects using the same state-of-the-art tools and technologies utilized by full-time staffers.
  • Receive mentorship from industry experts Interns are paired with managers and senior team members who provide guidance and share their knowledge. Make valuable networking connections.
  • Boost technical skills and proficiency with new programming languages, frameworks, databases, and other platforms used at large enterprises.
  • Understand the role innovation plays in a successful financial institution. Contribute directly to the use of technology across JPMorgan’s different lines of business.
  • Witness the inner workings of a top investment bank. Learn how strategic technology decisions are made to advance the firm and better serve clients.
  • Attend professional development workshops, speaker series, social events, and more.
  • Potentially receive a full-time job offer from JPMorgan after graduating college. The internship serves as a direct talent pipeline.


A technology summer internship with JPMorgan offers invaluable experience at one of the world’s leading financial institutions. From working on impactful projects to forming lifelong connections, interns gain insight into succeeding in the fast-paced intersection of finance and technology.

With thousands of candidates vying for a limited number of roles each year, standing out requires thoughtful preparation, persistence, and a real passion for the work. By mastering the application and interview process, excelling during the program, and actively demonstrating fit with the firm’s culture, tech interns can capitalize on this opportunity as a direct path to a full-time career with JPMorgan.

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