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Education is a powerful tool for socio-economic development and transformation. Access to quality education allows individuals and communities to reach their full potential. This is why investments in human capital development, such as scholarship programs, are vital.

Chevron Nigeria Limited recognizes this and has made an enduring commitment to education in Nigeria. In partnership with its joint venture partners, Hevron has provided hundreds of scholarships to gifted Nigerian students through the Chevron Nigeria Limited Joint Venture Scholarship Awards Schemes.

Background on Chevron Nigeria’s Education Initiatives

Chevron has been present in Nigeria for over 50 years as a major player in the energy industry. Beyond its core business, Chevron has spearheaded impactful corporate social responsibility programs with a focus on human capability building.

Education is one of the key areas Chevron Nigeria directs its community investments. Some of its major education initiatives include:

  • Construction and equipping of classroom blocks, libraries, laboratories, and other facilities in public schools across Nigeria.
  • Scholarships and grants to students in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.
  • Donations of books, computers, and other learning materials to schools.
  • Sponsorship of competitions, events, and programs to promote academic excellence.
  • Teacher training programs in partnership with education agencies.
  • Career counseling and mentoring programs for students.

The Chevron Nigeria Limited Joint Venture Scholarship Awards is the biggest aspect of Chevron’s education interventions in Nigeria. It aims to reward academic achievement and enable indigent but bright students to access quality higher education.

Overview of the Chevron Nigeria Limited JV Scholarship Awards

Since its inception in 2006, the scholarship program has provided financial aid and other support to outstanding Nigerian students in universities across the country. The program is administered by Chevron and its joint venture partners including the NNPC, and TEPC.

Each year, hundreds of students heading to Nigerian universities apply for the scholarships. After a rigorous selection process, up to 100 scholarships are awarded based on merit, not socioeconomic status.

The scholarships are open to all Nigerian citizens who meet the qualifying criteria. This includes:

  • High school certificate with a minimum of 5 credits including English and mathematics.
  • Competitive scores in UTME/Direct Entry exams.
  • Admission into an approved Nigerian university.
  • Studying an approved course like engineering, geosciences, medicine, computer science, etc.
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The scholarship package is comprehensive, easing the financial burden of tertiary education for students and families. It includes:

  • Full tuition payment is made directly to the university.
  • Accommodation is provided on-campus or a stipend for off-campus housing.
  • Money for textbooks and other academic materials.
  • A monthly stipend for feeding and upkeep.
  • Free medical care under the Chevron Nigeria health insurance plan.
  • A laptop computer and printer.
  • Additional allowances for research projects or fieldwork.

For students maintaining a 3.0 GPA or first-class grades, the scholarship is renewable yearly until graduation. Scholars also get opportunities for paid internships, mentoring, and career coaching within the Chevron Nigeria group, preparing them for the work environment.

What do you need for the Chevron scholarship?

Here are the key requirements and documents needed to apply for the Chevron Nigeria Limited Joint Venture University Scholarship:

  • Academic Documents: You will need to submit your secondary school West African Examinations Council (WAEC) or National Examinations Council (NECO) results showing a minimum of 5 credits including English and Mathematics. Your Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) or Direct Entry (DE) results are also required with a minimum score of 220 in UTME.
  • Evidence of Admission: You must have received provisional or full admission into an approved Nigerian university for a course of study relevant to Chevron’s focus areas like Engineering, Geology, Accounting, Law, and Medicine. Your admission letter is required.
  • Passport Photographs: Quality passport photographs are needed for your application. They should be on a white background and recently taken.
  • Birth Certificate: Submit a copy of your birth certificate or sworn affidavit as evidence of Nigerian citizenship. Your age should not exceed 25 years to qualify.
  • Letters of Recommendation: You need two letters of recommendation from your teachers, community leaders, religious heads, or others who know your academic ability and leadership skills.
  • Personal Essay: A 500-1000 word original essay is required on a given topic. This tests your creativity, critical thinking, and communication ability.
  • Extracurricular Activities: List your participation in clubs, societies, volunteering, sports, arts, debates, etc. Awards and honors can enhance your profile.
  • Online Application Form: Fully complete the application form on the Chevron scholarship website providing accurate details.
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Impact of the Chevron Nigeria Limited JV Scholarships

The Chevron Nigeria Limited JV Scholarship Awards make dreams of university education come true for academically exceptional students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. It opens doors of opportunity that empower scholars to achieve their highest potential.

Over 1,500 students have benefitted from the scholarship so far, receiving high-quality education in Nigerian universities and abroad. Many graduates have furthered their education, earning master’s and doctorate degrees.

Today’s Chevron scholars are working in public service, academia, the energy industry, and various other fields across Nigeria. They are innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders contributing positively to national development.

By investing in developing human capital, the Chevron scholarship program has multiplied value across families, communities, and the nation. Its impact includes:

  • Promoting equal access to education irrespective of income levels. This builds an egalitarian society.
  • Motivating academic excellence among youth given the intense competition for scholarships.
  • Enabling indigent students to study courses like engineering, medicine, and computer science that require significant funding. This empowers them to pursue careers that transform communities.
  • Reducing unemployment among graduates by enhancing their competencies and job readiness.
  • Fostering positive perceptions of the oil industry given Chevron’s social investments in education.
  • Developing future industry leaders and talented workforce for Nigeria’s key sectors.

Chevron Nigeria scholars serve as role models and give back through community initiatives of their own. They are fine examples of what Nigerian youth can achieve when given access to quality education.

Selection Criteria for the Chevron Nigeria Limited JV Scholarships

The Chevron Nigeria scholarships are awarded purely on merit to the highest-performing applicants. There is no favoritism or discrimination in the selection process.

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An independent panel made up of faculty from Nigerian universities and education experts reviews and scores all applications. The criteria used include:

  • Academic record: SSCE/NECO grades, UTME/Direct Entry exam scores, and university admission scores. Applicants need a minimum of 5 credits and 220 UTME points. Those with higher grades get more points.
  • Personal essay: Applicants write a 500-1000 word essay on a given topic. The essay is assessed for content, critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills.
  • Extracurricular activities: Participation and leadership in clubs, societies, sports, volunteering, etc. are evaluated. Awards and honors are also considered.
  • Letters of recommendation: Referees highlight the applicant’s strengths, achievements, character, and potential.
  • Interview performance: Shortlisted applicants undergo panel interviews where they are assessed for communication skills, critical thinking, goals, and personality.

Only candidates excelling across all areas make the final scholarship award list. The rigorous selection process ensures that the most deserving students are chosen transparently.

Chevron Nigeria Limited Joint Venture Scholarship Application Process

The Chevron Nigeria Limited JV Scholarship application period is usually from January to April yearly. Applications are done online through the program website.

Prospective applicants must meet the minimum eligibility criteria highlighted above. Required documents include:

  • Completed online application form
  • Secondary school transcripts
  • UTME/Direct Entry results
  • Evidence of admission into a Nigerian university
  • Passport photographs
  • Recommendation letters from teachers/community leaders

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for examinations and interviews at zonal centers nationwide. Applicants are advised to apply early and ensure all required documents are submitted. Late or incomplete applications may be disqualified.


The Chevron Nigeria Limited JV Scholarship Awards is a gold-standard CSR initiative that advances education and expands life opportunities for Nigerian students. In line with Chevron’s commitment to capacity building, it invests in developing future leaders for Africa’s growth.

Academically gifted Nigerian students with financial need should seize the opportunity to benefit from the scholarship program. By empowering youth with knowledge and skills, the scholarships also elevate families, communities, and the nation.

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